It's a Christmas Eve box :) They get new pjs, a Christmas movie, hot chocolate, snacks for the movie, etc! Can't wait to do this :)))

Christmas Eve gift box (they get to open it on Christmas Eve)! They get new pjs (to wear that night), a Christmas movie, hot chocolate, snacks for the movie, etc. We already do pjs and slippers as our Christmas Eve gift but this is even better!

These would work great for our Christmas Eve PJ Scavanger hunt!  Instead of placing candy canes in the envelopes, put in a little clue for the kids to follow.  At each stage put an identical envelope with a new clue, and the last stage can be a couple small gifts wrapped in the same scrapbook paper.

Crafts for a Beautiful Christmas Table

To modify this for 3rd-5th ---students could be given 3 huge circles and write a summary of a book. One cirlce the beginning-One circle the middle--and the last circle the end of the summary. Then students could decorate the snowman

PreK Christmas/Winter: Snowman Names - Another idea would be to use the circles or "snow balls" to measure how many snow balls tall you are. Everyone in the class could be measured. Cute Winter Craft for preschool!

DIY Christmas Cards

Use card stock and misc buttons to make your own Christmas cards. The card stock can be bought at Walmart, etc. or at most any craft store. The buttons come in bags at most craft, hobby, or fabric stores.

What better to give a neighbor than a box full of joy. I love this idea!! How cute and easy!

Box of Joy cookies (and some other great DIY gifts) I need to figure out where to get these letter cookie cutters! I keep seeing this picture of the JOY cookies but no other information.

Inking Idaho: Snowman with Instructions

Telescoping snowman card to go with tealight snowman. Inking Idaho: Snowman with Instructions


Árbol de Navidad de cartulina

Kids love decorating their room for Christmas, especially with a tree. Get 11 Christmas tree ideas for a kids room without using a live tree.

Jane's Doodles: let it snow

snowman & bird~Jane's Doodles by L. Bassen (inspiration for Papertrey Ink letter dies)

Christmas Party Ideas For Preschool - Bing Images

Top 10 Best Preschool Christmas Crafts

Christmas Craft: Construction Paper Wreaths This Christmas wreath craft is easy and fun, and it will also keep hands busy for a while. We’ll be able to show kids how wr