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four buttons with pictures of animals and flowers on them, all in different shapes and sizes
Woodland - Bellisea le blog
four miniature tin canisters with pictures in them
Matchbox | Toy Brand (Brand)
an open suitcase with yellow rubber ducks in the water and a compass on it's lid
Intrepid by hogret on DeviantArt
two boxes with flowers in them on top of a wooden table next to each other
Sorry for the Silence............ I'm back now!
an orange cat sleeping in a blue case with flowers on the side and a white button
Christmas failings!
two tins with flowers and birds on them sitting on top of an old book
a tin with a painting on it sitting in front of a window sill next to a glass vase
Are You Crazy About Sardine Tin Art? - Kim Dellow
the steps to make this diy craft project include scissors, paper plates and other items
Mini Sardine Can Dioramas
six different types of bug magnets in tin boxes on a table with white background
a tin can with some paper boats in it
Sara Comanda Color
a miniature house with a bicycle in the door and flowers on the window sill
Stop Everything and Check out these Tiny Hand-painted Wes Anderson Sets
an ornately decorated clock with roman numerals on the front and back sides
New Look for a Vintage Paluzie Paper Theater