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ª Two adulting (kitchen-related) tips from me! 1. Buy a roll of parchment paper from the cooking shit aisle. A big roll will last you for-fucking-ever. Pretty much any time you're using a baking pan you can line it with that stuff and save yourself A: food sticking to the pan and B: it's a quick rinse and it's clean. 2. Bread can get fucking expensive, so make your own. A bigass bag of flour and a bag of active dry yeast (store it in the friiiiidge!!!) works out a FUCK of a lot cheaper than buying bread at the store, and you can do so much more with it. Bread, pizza, rolls, cinnibuns, homemade pizza pockets. k seems intimidating but it's stupid easy. Seriously. It's stupid simple to make, and most of the “3 hours" to make it is sitting around surfing the internet or doing whatever the fuck you want while the dough rises. if you have an afternoon free once a week to sit and play video games or surf the net, you have the time to make your own bread on the cheap. Here's my simple-as-fuck recipe: 2 % teaspoons active dry yeast (You can buy a bag of this stuff CHEAP in bulk stores, the little packets are hella stupid priced) 1 cup warm water (think a hot bath) 1 V2 teaspoons sugar 2 tablespoons oil (any kind works for the most part) 2 % cups flour teaspoon 1. Stir the yeast. water, sugar, and oil up in a bowl. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. it will foam up VERY high, this is the yeast getting happy! [fit doesn't get all foamy, the water may have been too hot or not hot enough. Remember, Yeast is alive! Treat it like a nice girlfriend! 2. Mix your flour, salt, and the yeast concoction up in a bowl. 3. Knead that shit for about 5 minutes. it will start sticky as heck, but will come together into a nice dough. H it's still super sticky, toss in a bit more flour. Here's how to knead it: 4. Put your dough in a covered, lightly oiled bowl and leave it someplace - iFunny