Gblue Allison

Gblue Allison

Το λάθος, αγαπητέ μου Βρούτε, δεν είναι στ’ αστέρια, αλλά μέσα μας. (William Shakespeare)
Gblue Allison
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Paper flowers!

DIY Newspaper Rose Tutorial-if you don't have the punch just cut any size square of paper, fold it in triangles, then round out one edge to make the flower shape Cool looking!

Απλές καθημερινές ιδέες και λύσεις που αγγίζουν την ευφυϊα Νο1

Mocubo Chopping Board with Storage Drawers - - It's time to take food preparation to the next level. Mocubo is a bamboo cutting board with three food prep containers. You'll be able to slice, dice and organize like a master chef, without breaking a sweat.

circles.  I am absolutely in love with this!  I want to learn how to use polymer clay.  I can also do something similar with the paper quilling.

Circle pendants of "normal 80 paper" by a Swedish artist. She calls it quilling, but I think of open spaces when I hear quilling. This is sort of like paper beads, to me.

Gift ideas! by GlowingPendant on Etsy

Orange Milkweed pod dream catcher quartz by GlowingHeartStudios