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a painting of snow and trees in the woods
Paintings by David Langevin
a painting of snow covered road with trees in the background
a person standing in the snow next to some buildings and street lights with a pier in the background
Denis Nolet, Canadian, b.1964
a painting of trees in the snow near a road with a red barn on it
Art: Photo
a painting of trees in the snow with light coming through them and shadows on the ground
the shadow of a tree is cast on a blue wall with windows and a window sill
Best Ukrainian illustrators. Olga Kvasha
Olga Kvasha - Oscuridad
a painting of a house and tree in the background with no leaves on it's branches
an oil painting of a snowy road at night with street lights and houses in the background
Albert on X
an oil painting of cows grazing in a field with mountains in the distance and clouds overhead
a painting of trees and water in the woods