Changing Fortunes of the Great Egret // Photo and caption by Zsolt Kudich

Action Place Winner — 'Changing Fortunes of the Great Egret,' Zsolt Kudich — The graceful great egret was saved from the brink of disappearance, now there are over in Hungary alone.

no snow, no ice? // Photo and caption by Patty Waymire

Dit zijn de beste natuurfoto’s van 2016 volgens National Geographic

American Flowers #1 // Photo and caption by Ken Bower

In Greenland's pristine landscape lies a US Air Force base which was abandoned in 1947 and everything was left behind, vehicles, asbestos laced structures, and

The View Outside Facebook HQ // Photo and caption by Chris McCann

Eighty percent of the San Francisco Bay Area wetlands - acres - has been developed for salt mining. Water is channeled into these large ponds, leave

Life and Death // Photo and caption by Vadim Balakin

National Geographic nature photographer of the year 2016 – Vadim Balakin won the environmental issues section, with an image of polar bear remains on an island in northern Svalbard, Norway

Serendipitous Green Meteor // Photo and caption by Prasenjeet Yadav

Landscape — Honorable Mention — "Serendipitous Green Meteor" by Prasenjeet Yadav

Pacific Storm // Photo and caption by Santiago Borja

Pilot captures incredible nighttime thunderstorm photo over the Pacific Ocean - The Washington Post

Struggle of life // Photo and caption by Jacob Kaptein

Spectacular Winning Photographs from National Geographic's Nature Photographer Awards Photograph: Jacob Kaptein

Jellyfish Feast // Photo and caption by Scott Portelli

Jellyfish Feast by Scott Portelli - Honorable Mention – Action 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year; turtles eating a jellyfish in Byron Bay, Australia

Approach // Photo and caption by Tori Shea-Ostberg

Fierce tornadoes have struck eastern Colorado, causing injuries and damaging motorhomes, as well as other buildings in the area. Four twisters hit in Yuma Country, some 150 kilometers from D…