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EXO - Facts about EXO

187 ~ When EXO was in the US, a male staff member said "hey Bro" to Tao and Tao got pissed off. After a while, Tao went to Kris and asked why the guy called him a bra. Kris laughed so hard

I wish I could lol cx

Well let me say I sneaked onto a plane in a persons suitcase and entered a plane and had to do the same process back but I needed a little duct tape

Kpop side has both sexy men and women you can drool at. Seriously I don't care if they act cute their is more than just cutesy.

I came to the K-Pop side because of the music, but hey, there is DEFINITELY no problem with having flawless men, too.) (And it is very true that the K-Pop side has flawless men)