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the statue is surrounded by potted plants
Westport Pool Complex — Michael Trapp Inc
a statue is surrounded by ivys in the middle of a wall covered with green leaves
This Ivy House
a statue with moss growing on it's face
Found this sad Mary in an abandoned church deep in a forest in Costa Rica.
a statue with flowers on top of it
a statue is sitting on the ground in front of a building with columns and pillars
a plaster hand is on the wall and it appears to be holding something in its right hand
Can We Still Be Good Enough If We Don't Overcompensate? - Wit & Delight | Designing a Life Well-Lived
a statue of the virgin mary holding a child
Holy Mother Mary and Child
three white sculptures on black background with one woman's head and the other man's face
A fascinating transparency : Strazza’s Veiled Virgin
Vaporwave Statue, Portrait Sculpture, Art Appreciation