Ringbolt hitching is a beautiful way to decorate a staff or wheel. Also called coxcombing, it was once a common tie used by sailors to dress-up items and parts of a ship.

How to Tie a Single-Strand Ringbolt Hitch: I'm going to do this on all my power cords!


Funny pictures about DIY Chinese Knot Ball. Oh, and cool pics about DIY Chinese Knot Ball. Also, DIY Chinese Knot Ball.

Bracelet loop knot . . . . ღTrish W ~ http://www.pinterest.com/trishw/ . . . . #handmade #jewelry #knotting

bracelet knot - good for bracelets, bad for people who suffer from depression. does this or does this not look like the same way a noose is made? it's a really interesting way to describe a knot


pardalote: Asymmetric and Geometric Diamond Earrings with Antique Gold Czech Glass Beads by AMiRAjewelry on Etsy

4045361_1531d649f1686f33c0b319ad4b3c5921 (220x392, 31Kb)

4045361_1531d649f1686f33c0b319ad4b3c5921 (220x392, 31Kb)

DIY Weave Decorative Knot by 1ndrute

This is awesome! Cute for a volleyball coach or an end of the season gift to team mates (I know it's a monkeys fist knot or whatever it's called but it looks like a volleyball)

Viper Paracord Bracelet

gets you different types of DIY Paracord Bracelet Patterns tutorials and ideas which are easy, simple and fun to make!