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athena's owl | athena s owl 2 acrylic on panel 26 5 x 25 2011 painted for ornithology ... The owl is a common symbol for one of the most powerful goddesses in the Greek pantheon, Athena.

Athena’s Owl, Acrylic on Canvas, x This is a painted version of an earlier digital piece. This painting was made for my show Ornithology at MoNA, then known as Plaza Muse. It depicts the iconic owl of Athena depicted on Greek coins since.

olive branch wreath

Wrapping around my arm Somewhere as a filler. Better detail in the leaves and possibly something entwined with it a little to make it pop doodle titulos

As the goddess of wisdom, war and the crafts, and favourite daughter of Zeus, Athena was, perhaps, the wisest, most courageous, and certainly the most resourceful of the Olympian gods. Athena is closely associated with Athens, the city named in her honour after the people of Attica chose her as their patron following her gift of the olive tree, symbol of peace and plenty. (Info by Mark Cartwright on Ancient History Encyclopedia. Photo by Carole Raddato)

Ares was the Greek god of war and perhaps the most unpopular of all the Olympian gods because of his quick temper, aggressiveness, and unquenchable thirst.