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A welcome mat outside Branson's cabin said: WELCOME MOTHERFUCKERS. "Don't be nervous," Steele said, which made him feel nervous. "Right," Finn said.

I'd love to have an old-school record collection again! Alas, I grew up in the "cassette age", right at the end of the and quickly got rid of all my LPs.Tap the link now to visit the one stop shop for Rock Band and Gothic Merchandise!

up for scoring guys please score 5 thanks a lot

“The Beat Goes On” by Dan Elijah Fajardo is a submission to Threadless loves 4 words or less. Score the submissions to this challenge and then submit your own!

This reminds me of my childhood. My uncle Dick used to be a DJ and had so many records they literally took up a whole wall of the house like this.

This is an image of a literal wall of records. This photo reminds me of my need for Mastery and Autonomy. As a DJ I used to own a massive record collection and used to enjoy collecting records as a means of studying and enjoying the history of music.