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George Gkaravounis
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male_norwich_intensif_2006_2.jpg (500×375)

male_norwich_intensif_2006_2.jpg (500×375)

Makes me think of the strange rock formations on the island in Call of Cthulhu. A portal to strange realms?

escapekit: “ Otherworldly Landscapes Polish photographer Michał Karcz has used a combination of photography and digital manipulation techniques to create a series of breathtaking landscapes pulled straight out of his “dreams, desire, imagination and.

The fairies slipped through the magic portal on gossamer wings  held aloft by magical moonbeams.  lmw

The Window to the beautiful Realm of Magical Fantasy, Fairies, Princesses 👸🏼 and Unicorns 🦄 Step through the door again to the terrifying Realm of Darkness of fire raging Dragons, the terror of Beasts and bad Witches.

“There is not some pre-destined pathway that you must travel, only the one that you choose.”

“There is not some pre-destined pathway that you must travel, only the one that you choose.” The realms of space and reality wrap to show the path to salvation.

"A Knock at the Door" - Illustration by AngiandSilas [a magical door covered in vines and gorgeous details and a woman with a cape getting ready to enter the world beyond]

At last I had a bit of time and inspiration to do a manip I am now making my prints available on DA for the first time, so if there are any pictures you. The Secret Door

Artist Transforms Zodiac Signs into Terrifying Fantasy Creatures (Libra)

LIBRA-Damon Hellandbrand, a talented artist based in the U., has created a series of images that portray the symbols of the zodiac as twisted, surreal creatures straight out of a nightmarish realm.

Río Estigio. Afluente del Aqueroonte. Río del Odio y por el que juran los Dioses. Hay quien dice que confiere la inmortalidad. Rodea el Érebo (el Inframundo).

The Styx is a river in Greek mythology that formed the boundary between Earth and the Underworld. The rivers Styx, Phlegethon, Acheron, and Cocytus all converge at the center of the underworld on a great marsh, which is also sometimes called the Styx.