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George Kaftanis

George Kaftanis
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Whether using an SLR or your trusty smartphone, Fairmont Hotels have gone to the source - the travel photographers themselves - to compile a list of must-try holiday photography hacks. ** Be sure to check out this helpful article.

The Ultimate Adobe CC Photoshop and Lightroom Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Trick, Photography Book - Adobe CC Photographers Keyboard short cuts cheat sheet - Now YOU Can Create Mind-Blowing Artistic Images With Top Secret Photography Tutorials With Step-By-Step Instructions!

IKEA Infinity Mirror style

Infinity Mirror Instructable - must make one of these someday! Idea for pf/rangers - simpler if we use mini lights, but could be cool to do the wiring part too

Only a person with a creative mind like Lucie’s Palettenmöbel can create a style that fulfills more than one purpose as you can see the wooden pallet table with storage because the tables don’t come with the storage option usually, so it is a unique idea.

Creative Pallet Recycling Ideas by Lucie's Palettenmöbel: It is not possible that the handmade furniture made up of wood pallets by a person matches the design

Infinity Mirror

Infinity Mirror / potential diy patio floor green house garden - with plexi glass floor (ceiling), greenhouse (decorative halogen) lights, and drawers to pull out garden plants to harvest and water.