George Karavelakis

George Karavelakis

George Karavelakis
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“A man’s beliefs are his own business. Neither the Church nor anybody else has any right to tell you how to think and how to act; that’s what real freedom is about: to be able to be who you really are, not what you are expected or supposed to be.” - Richard Ramirez

Night Stalker defendant Richard Ramirez with his attorney, Daniel Hernandez

Emeli Sande. Next to me.

Emeli Sande - Next To Me (Acoustic) the uk invasion started with a bang called Amy. but they have now luanched an atomic bomb called Emeli

"You think i'll be the dark sky so you can be the star?" - Warsan Shire

You want me to be a tragic backdrop so you can appear to be illuminated, so that people can say "wow, isn't he so terribly brave to love a girl who is so obviously sad?" You think I'll be the dark sky so you can be the star? I'll swallow you whole.