Llorón, Japanese Bonsai

A Weeping Willow Bonsai Tree. Want one for yourself to add to your home décor or patio decorations? Check it out! Bonsai Trees are sweeping the nation! See more awesome bonsai trees at www. - Gardening Go

Magnificent bonsai

Two great bonsai trees, one of which a stunning Yose-Ue (forest style). By: Associazione Rock'n'Bonsai(comment from previous pinner)

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Bonsai - Cica Forest I love this, I think it would be a perfect beach house bonsai!

Wisteria bonsai

A very large bonsai, yet considering how enormous the original trees can get I find the proportion to be excellent.

Aqui te dejamos unos practicos pasos para crear un bonsai 1. Pyracantha angustifolia comprada en el vivero. 2. Cortar el envase hasta el nivel de la tierra, para ver bien la base del árbol. 3. Trab...

The quickest way to create a bonsai is by using a stock plant from a nursery and cutting away the excess branches. Commonly referred to as the "Cut & Grow" method.


I love how it looks like a real tree. And I love the rock instead of a plant pot.