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there are many sushi on the red plate
an assortment of sushi in a wooden box on a white wall with green leaves and strawberries
Temarizushi, Japanese Sushi Balls | Kyoto, Japan てまりにぎり
two sushi boxes are sitting on a table
Love Yoobi
London’s first temakeria (Delicious fresh sushi, wrapped in a crispy seaweed cone - perfect for eating by hand), Yoobi, takes inspiration from Brazil and pushes the sushi experience in an exciting new direction. Yoobi's freshly made temaki rolls, featuring uniquely developed flavour combinations, are served to eat in or enjoy on the go.
some meatballs covered in sauce and sprinkled with green stuff
たこやき 美味しい 写真 撮り方
たこやき Takoyaki - delicious must have Japanese street food
a room with tables and chairs that are made out of wood planks, in the middle of a concrete floor
nozomi sushi bar by masquespacio designed as a japanese street
spanish creative consultancy masquespacio has realized branding and interior design of 'nozomi sushi bar' in valencia, spain.
there are two burritos and some fries on the table
Why the Sushi Burrito is a Hybrid Food That Actually Works
Why the Sushi Burrito is a Hybrid Food That Works
different types of food are shown in this collage, including sushi and avocado
Sushi Burrito Recipe & Video Tutorial
How to Make a Sushirrito Sushi Burrito Copycat Recipe with Video Tutorial. Sushi + Burrito = HEAVEN!
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a white plate topped with sushi covered in sauce
The Most Delicious Types of Sushi Rolls
Best Types of Sushi Rolls | List of the Most Delicious Sushi Rolls
an info sheet with different types of sushi
Get Ready to Roll: The Complete Guide to Sushi
The Complete Guide to Sushi!