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a table with some balls and pins on it in front of a window that has blinds
How to Make a 3D Model of an Atom
Building 3D models is a common activity in science class. The 3D models give kids a better understanding of how various scientific elements work and look. A 3D atom model is simple to make and requires only a few supplies. The main components of atoms are protons, neutrons and electrons. The nucleus is made up of the protons and neutrons....
the diagram for heavy metal's
INTERNET Database of Periodic Tables | Chemogenesis
Pozzi Spiral Periodic Table (1937)
a book with a bunch of different colored elements on it and a pen in front of it
Periodic Table Game for Kids: Periodic Table Battleship
Learn the Periodic Table of Elements in a fun way with Periodic Table Battleship.
an info sheet with the words periodity in the period table and numbers on it
Periodicity: Trends in the Periodic Table
Trends in the Periodic Table v2
lewis dot diagrams of the elements customizable and printable for each individual item
Lewis Dot Diagrams of the Elements
Lewis Dot Diagrams of the Elements - Customizable and Printable
the color chart for different colored beaks with numbers and colors on them, including one that
Compound Interest: Chemistry infographics
So this is what I'm doing instead of my titration homework: Chemistry & Colours of pH Indicators