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One More New Oregon Ducks Football Uniform -

One more new Oregon Ducks football uniform to check out today, the apple green jersey and silver-winged yellow helmet worn against Arkansas State.

Oregon Ducks Season Opener Uniform Honors Retro-Futuristic Approach to Game After showcasing new glove and cleat designs for FSU and USC earlier today, Nike has unveiled special edition uniforms for the Oregon Ducks' season opener

Sesame Street

Sesame Street I remember after my first half day of Kindergarten my mom picked me up and took me home. She fixed me a bowl of oatmeal and I sat in front of the tv and watched Sesame Street. Five years old and I still remember that like it was yesterday.

Jim Henson doing what he did best.

This is just awesome. jim henson puppet master taking quick break from big bird duty to work sesame streets best character oscar the grouch but with no need to take the feet off, amazing behind the scenes film tv photo


We first knew Jim Henson’s Muppets from their appearances on Sesame Street (Great American Things, September Henson, however, didn’t want to be stuck with the label of “…