Amalfi Coast Drive

Amalfi Coast Drive, Italian Summer I dream of going to Italy and travelling in a little vintage car !

Clean dash - VW Beetle

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@Laura Jayson Jayson Jayson McCauley is this a fiat 500? I've just seen it referred to as both a mini and a bentley but idts.

Turquoise/ Fiat 500 - the colour I had. Loved this little car during my 5 years living on the Greek Island of Corfu!

Cruising around #Tuscany in a Fiat = #dream come true!

All things Italian - Fiat 500 and cypress-lined street in Tuscany land of dreams

VW Beetle

VW Beetle Emerald Green, I would think it would be more like a teal color.

Much better then the new ones!

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