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tengo lo que tengo y soy feliz. Perdi lo que perdí y sigo feliz

milk and honey. i have what i have and i am happy. i've lost what i've lost and i am still happy - outlook - rupi kaur

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I will climb any mountain Stand at the top shouting out and You'll hear my love pouring down Like an echo

Yep, Jensen.

He looks so amazed by the tiny little creature in this woman's arms>>>>He's just like yes tiny human I am very blonde

I think there's a tea for that.

Haha, I always tell my friends at school that, since I have a bag of peppermint, chamomile, and licorice tea bags at my station

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Apple Ring Pancakes

Apple Ring Pancakes ::: Quite tasty, although in the recipe it says cm" slices for the apple rings, definitely making them thinner like they see in the video because its hard to get the sides cooked if they're thicker.