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Georgia Miridaki

Georgia Miridaki
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Η σελίδα 15 του νέου καταλόγου ΙΚΕΑ 2012-2013 είναι η αγαπημένη σου; Κάνε “re-pin” και μπες στις κληρώσεις για δωροκάρτες ΙΚΕΑ των 100€!

Does your old chest of drawers need a makeover? Cover it with metre fabrics. All you need is a stapler, fabrics and scissors.

12 Fun Easter Egg Trees to create with your family. Build a lifelong Easter tradition to share for generations by building an Easter Egg Tree.

DIY Easter Surprise Egg

surprise eggs - dyed eggshells filled with candy and/or toys and sealed at the bottom with paper. one can open the egg by either cracking it, or just tearing off the paper base. Cracking it is way more fun.

#Easter #Egg #Cupcakes with "Yolk" Centers #Baked in Eggshell #Recipe #Tutorial #DIY

Easter Egg Cupcakes with Cream Cheese 'Yolk' Centers! BAKED IN THE DYED EGG! Kids of All ages will LOVE these whimsical, egg-cellent melt-in-your-bunny-tummy CupCaaaakes! Great for baskets, decorations and pretty creative craft/family time project.

easter eggs tree

The Easter Tree tradition was started by Volker and Christa Kraft, from Saalfeld , Germany. Every year they decorate their Easter Tree with thousands of Easter Eggs