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Amerissa Georgilopoulou
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ballet positions

From the book "Martine, petit rat de l'opéra" by Marcel Marlier & Gilbert Delahaye; or, as I knew it, "Anita no ballet". I remember propping this up on a music stand and doing the positions in my bedroom.

Your Pointe shoes must be very snug and yet somewhat comfortable...... Here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them when being fitted for Pointe Shoes. It is not reccomended to buy pointe s...

Under Shoe - What supports a dancer through the final bow. A good dancer NEVER blames the shoe, and Im not going to lie - its tempting to blame your footwear!

this will always have a place in my heart. no matter how long its been, sliding on a pair of these is like a little slice of home for my feet.

Top View of a pointe shoe. This article is about the anatomy of a pointe shoe: how shoes are made and!