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the sun is setting over red rocks in monument national park, utah with clouds above them
404 | Rob Dweck Photography
Sunset Glow on West Mitten Butte, Arizona, USA. Photo by Rob Dweck.
a small red and black bug sitting on top of green moss covered ground next to water
&&& Hesitant &&& by Mustafa Öztürk / 500px
Hesitant by Mustafa Öztürk
a lady bug sitting on top of a white mushroom
Vadim Trunov's macro photography
two people are reflected in the mirrored sunglasses on the sand at sunset or sunrise,
sunset reflection in aviators
the sun is shining through the trees in the forest with snow on the ground and bare branches
Antique and Modern Furniture, Jewelry, Fashion & Art
two people sitting on the beach next to their bikes and watching the sun go down
Watching the #sunset after a nice bike ride down the boardwalk, we really don't want #summer to ever end! #endlesssummer
some very pretty flowers with drops of water on them
Waterdrops on sprouts
a butterfly sitting on top of some mushrooms
When this photo is viewed small, it looks as though there is a small female faery wearing a bluish dress in the center of the wings...view large, and she transforms immediately into an insect.
three tall trees with yellow leaves in the fall, looking up into the sky from below
Autumn Splendor, Boston, Massachusetts
a ladybug hanging from a dandelion with its head in the air
Grandparent Swag
two red and black bugs sitting on top of a green leaf next to each other
Magical Nature Tour
When a ladybird lands, they slow down their flight, and glide down to a gentle landing on the leaf.
a drop of water sitting on top of a grass covered field
Harvest Heart
Tiny Worlds - Sprouts in Dew Drop -
an ice sculpture is shown in the snow
Site Unavailable | WestHost
Ice-Sculpture - Spider with web
a woman with an umbrella walking up some steps in the woods on a rainy day
Portland Japanese Garden by media.oregonlive #Gardens #Japanese_Gardens #Portland
four snowflakes are shown in the middle of an animated scene, with different colors and sizes