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cupcakes with frosting sitting on top of a wooden table
1 Hour Buttermilk Caramel Cupcake Recipe
a piece of cake that is on a plate
Light and Fluffy Banana Cream Cake with Salted Caramel - Cake by Courtney
Banana Cream Cake
a piece of paper with instructions on how to make cake mix in the recipe book
Cake - Chocolate Praline Layer Cake BN0026
Cake - Chocolate Praline Layer Cake BN0026 | Eudaemonius | Flickr
a piece of cake with white frosting and pecans on top
Elvis Presley Cake
In the realm of iconic desserts, few recipes manage to blend nostalgia, flavor, and a dash of rock ‘n’ roll quite like the Elvis Presley Cake, affectionately known as the Jailhouse Rock Cake. This dessert ... READ MORE
two cupcakes decorated with white frosting and sprinkles on a wooden table
No-Bake Pound Cake Bites & National Pound Cake Day GIVEAWAY!!
a piece of cake on a plate with chocolate and nuts in the middle, labeled peanut butter cup dump cake you will need - i box chocolate cake mix 1 / 4 cups milk
Bobby Flay Community-We love To Eat! | Peanut Butter Cup Dump Cake 😋🍰 | Facebook
Bobby Flay Community-We love To Eat! | Peanut Butter Cup Dump Cake 😋🍰 | Facebook
a bundt cake with icing and sprinkles on it
Melted Ice Cream Bundt Cake
Melted Ice Cream Bundt Cake is an easy-mix Bundt cake, with pound cake texture and all the magical fun of cotton candy, unicorns and whimsy.
a close up of a slice of cake with different colored frosting on the top
Easy Layered Rainbow Jello Cake Recipe
Rainbow Jello Cloud Cake
a piece of cake sitting on top of a white plate next to cinnamon sticks and apples
Peach Cake
This scrumptious cake is filled with peaches, pecans & cinnamon and glazed with a brown sugar icing that hardens as it cools. Delicious way to use peaches!
1h 50m
apple pie cake cut into slices on a plate
Apple Pie Cake - Yummy Recipes
1h 35m
a slice of chocolate marble cake on a white plate
Buttermilk Marble Bundt Cake with Chocolate Glaze
this caramel apple spice cake is the perfect dessert for fall and it's ready to be eaten
Apple Spice Cake
a piece of chocolate cake with ice cream and nuts on top
Turtle Chocolate Poke Cake
Turtle Chocolate Poke Cake
2h 35m
an apple cider cake with salted caramel buttercream and caramel apple filling
Apple Cider Cake with Salted Caramel Buttercream
The perfect fall cake for a special occasion or holiday. Sweet and fall spiced apple cider cake, gooey caramel apple filling and salted caramel buttercream. #fallbaking #appledesserts via @hungrthirstplay
1h 40m