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a quote from unknown author unknown author unknown author every woman needs a no matter what's friend
Every Woman Needs A "No Matter What" Friend
an image with the words anger is just proof of how unrealistic your expectations were
a blue wall with the quote i'll never forget who helped me in difficult times, who put me in difficult times and who left me in difficult times
I'll Never Forget Who Helped Me In Difficult Times
an old poem written in black and white with the words, i guess some of us just grew up too soon
Sad And Depressing Quotes : …
nice Sad And Depressing Quotes : ...
a black and white photo with text that reads, accuntablely feels like an attack when you're not ready to acknowledge your tonic behavior
Hey TK 💋
the words tell your mountains about your god are in black and white on a beige background
Tell your mountains about your God.
the tweet is posted to someone on their phone, and it looks like they are
Ooooooh good advice! I’m imagining a super chill villain who says everything out loud like “maybe I should just kill all of you. That would solve my problems. But then you would feel betrayed, and we wouldn’t want that. But I mean, it sounds really fun!” And his comrads are just staring at him and they suddenly point their guns at him instead and he’s like “oh dear, probably shouldn’t have said that out loud!” Is anybody else picturing Jack Sparrow or just me?
a poem written in black and white with the words'find balance in your life, work hard
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Best Quotes About Success: "Find balance breathe trust and let go." I love this from beginni
the words i sat with my anger long enough until she told me her real name was grit