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Gkertsos Dimitris

Gkertsos Dimitris
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Adenium bonsai

flower bonsais can come up in extraordinary forms. Jai Krishna Agarwal from india has about 100 specimens in his collections and he especially loves adenium flowers. Because their trunks often remind the shapes of the human body by misty

Bonsai Gallery 2

Bonsai… ~ Beautiful Bonsai Blossom ~ Bonsai trees symbolize harmony, honor, patience and happiness. They are the perfect addition to a relaxing environment.


Acer Palmatum Red - 10 Seeds - Japanese Red Maple - 10 Acer palmatum seeds Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) is a deciduous shrub or small tree with a broad, rounded shape. Acer palmatum is native to China, Korea and Japan, this.


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