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Here's the final version of yesterday's post.

culturenlifestyle: “ Derek Myers and His Daily Dose Of Miniature Art Derek Myers is a proactive artist, his latest project involving sketching out a drawing a day for one year, using a felt pen.

Cute Mother and Baby Animal Pics

Cute Baby Animals - Chimpanzee little baby Cute Animals baby otter! Baby Animals - Pictures of Baby Animals

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Love the shapes this cheetah makes as he runs. Ive seen this picture before, and so I dont know which is the original. From Source: Controle Eletrônico de Estabilidade

I love cheetahs. They are the worlds fastest cats. Only cruel people wear cheetah (unless its fake of course!).

Cheetah: "This Superb Photograph shows clearly the "Teardrop" effect of the black lines running down the animal's beautiful face. The word: "Cheetah" is derived from Hindi; in turn: From Sanskrit meaning: "Variegated.