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The crispy garnish of duck skin crumble provides a nice contrast to the juicy duck breast and the mingling of beet, chocolate, and tropical spinach flavors adds a delicious depth to this awe-inspiring dish.

Use sous vide cooking to create the best duck breast recipe your guests have ever tried.

Rib eye μαριναρισμένες σε μπίρα και καφέ

Rib eye μαριναρισμένες σε μπίρα και καφέ

Σαλάτα με ψητά λαχανικά και χαλούμι

Grilled Halloumi Salad with Eggplant & Mint Dressing- flavorful and easy to make this summertime salad is a big hit at parties and gatherings.

7 Sauces That Are Perfect for Pairing with Gnocchi: Gnocchi with Pesto Sauce

Want some ideas for sauces to serve with your homemade (or store-bought) gnocchi? These seven sauces pair perfectly with gnocchi, without overpowering.: Gnocchi with Pesto Sauce