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the poster for ben - hour starring william wyler
1959. Ben-Hur es acusado de atentar contra la vida del nuevo gobernador romano, y Mesala lo encarcela a él y a su familia. Mientras Ben-Hur es trasladado a galeras para cumplir su condena, un hombre llamado Jesús de Nazaret se apiada de él y le da de beber.
the rolling stones concert poster, featuring an image of a woman dancing with her hands on her hips
Rolling Stones 1972Andrés Ignaccolo & Co l Estudio de Social Media communication l Rosario l Argentina
an old concert poster with the band led - zeprein in red and black
From The Wayback Machine
Led Zeppelin Concert Poster
an advertisement for oasis with two lions on the front and back of it, in gold foil
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Oasis Cigarette Pack Concert Poster 18in x 24in
an old concert poster for the buddy guys and free spirits show at fillmore east
Bill Graham-commissioned posters a ticket to past
A poster from Art of the Fillmore, a collection of 230 vintage concert posters from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, commissioned by concert promot...
an advertisement for the rem show featuring two men in suits and hats playing guitars
R.E.M @ Athens
the poster for tom waits is shown in red, black and white with an image of a man holding a fan
Gig Posters
Tom Waits
an old concert poster for the black sababiann
Black Sabbath
the poster for jethro tull's upcoming show, featuring an image of a
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Jethro Tull - 2011 Australian Tour
an old poster advertising a cruise ship event
The Swinging Sixties
Creedence Clearwater Revival at the Fillmore West, 1968.
an old poster for the beatles show
The Beatles Show 1966 Concert Poster (Philippines)