Grow old with me <3 #quote

Grow old with me- Funny and sweet Anniversary card, engagement card, wedding card. via Etsy

This guy with a man bun and a perfect jawline | Community Post: 20 Man Buns That Will Ruin You For Short-Haired Guys

20 man buns that will ruin you for short haired guys. Seriously, this man bun thing is just too much! How did it take me so long to discover this new obsession?

one life, one love

I love this idea for a couples tattoo! Normally I don't like the idea of couples tattoos, but this is cute; a king and queen crown for each of us :)

Your complete go-to list when you need help finding a self-care practice to…

Self care and relaxation time. Here's a list of self care ideas. Just a pity, they list Netflix at number Come on guys there are better things to do!

Δεν είχα τίποτα να με κρατά κοντά σου...

Δεν είχα τίποτα να με κρατά κοντά σου...

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