BISPGARDEN Κάδρο με πόστερ, Paeonia Moutan  €14,99

Simple and soothing, this BISPGÅRDEN mounted picture is ready to hang, all its looking for is a home this Christmas.

LANTLIV Aνθοστήλη, λευκό  €35,00

LANTLIV Aνθοστήλη, λευκό €35,00

FANTASIFULL Σκελετός σετ 3  €9,99

<b>Información importante</b></br>Recomendado para niños a partir de 8 años de edad

PJATTERYD Πόστερ, σετ 3 τεμ., Flora Maia  €59,00

IKEA - PJÄTTERYD, Picture, set of Motif created by Heather Johnston.The picture has extra depth and life because it's printed on high quality canvas.The picture stands out from the wall in an attractive way because it continues around the edg

NASVIS Κηροπήγιο, σετ 3 τεμ, συνδυασμός χρωμάτων €5,99

NASVIS Κηροπήγιο, σετ 3 τεμ, συνδυασμός χρωμάτων €5,99

ROSΡPEPPAR Κασπό, υπόλευκο €5,99

ROSÉPEPPAR plant pot, off-white Outside diameter: 7 " Max. diameter inner pot: 4 ¾ " Height: 6 ¼ " Outside diameter: 18 cm Max.

PAPAJA Κασπό, ροζ/γκρι  €1,99

PAPAJA Plant pot: 2 of the purple and Basil and lemongrass plants to go in them.

LANTLIV Ανθοστήλη, λευκό  €49,00

IKEA LANTLIV Plant stand White 68 cm A plant stand makes it possible to decorate with plants everywhere in the home.

SOMRIG Βάζο, σε σχήμα μπουκαλιού συνδυασμός χρωμάτων  €1,99

SOMRIG Vase IKEA Several vases can be put to together to form, i. a circle or a wavy line.

SOCKERART Βάζο, λευκό €7,99

SOCKERART Βάζο, λευκό €7,99

GRUNDTAL Καλόγηρος, ανοξείδωτο ατσάλι €18,00

GRUNDTAL Valet stand IKEA Hooks on the sides for belts, ties, scarves or handbags and a tray on top for your watch, jewellery and other small things.

KNIPSA Καλάθι, φύκια €16,99

IKEA - KNIPSA, Basket, Perfect for newspapers, photos or other memorabilia.Sea grass has natural color variations which makes every basket unique.Each basket is woven by hand and is therefore unique. -- for inside Kallax boxes

KVARNVIK Κουτί, σετ 3 τεμ, λευκό €19,99

KVARNVIK Κουτί, σετ 3 τεμ, λευκό €19,99

BYHOLMA Καλάθι, γκρι €14,99

IKEA BYHOLMA Basket Grey cm The basket is hand woven and therefore has a unique look.