Gianna Tzanaki

Gianna Tzanaki

Gianna Tzanaki
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A wonderfully grafted Zygocactus. Christmas cactuses are sensitive about where they thrive. Thrived in Illinois and Ohio, died in Texas😧

How to turn rope into a beautiful rug | a DIY tutorial by TIDBITS

pieces of rope glued (liquid nails) to a cheap rug, tie each end of rope & fray ends, tutorial at the click through

12 Ideas Which Materials to Use to Make A Vertical Garden

Use Cinder Blocks To Plant Flowers Inside You can create a whole garden wall using cinder blocks. Arrange them in some creative way and plant some colorful flowers inside them. When the flowers grow you will have the most beautiful and colorful vertical

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Nice planter using broken pieces of stone or slate. We have a variety of slate, fieldstone, and PA blue stone that could be beautifully repurposed into this planter! Fun project for dad and the kids :)