The number 3 as a column/wrap around what looks like an elevator. Brilliant Orange and type design/idea

Barbican Arts Centre signage by Cartlidge Levene. Interesting example of interior design/architectural design

:: Wayfinding Westerdals | Love the combination of the coldness of an industrial building with the warmth of big bright color schemes. ::

Wayfinding Westerdals Signage and environmental design Designed and executed by: Marius Holtmon, Mette Landsem and Madeleine Skjelland Eriksen

OP13 / PHD Architectes

Gallery of OP13 / PHD Architectes - 26

/ PHD Architectes colour Colorful Home Office Design - Black and White pins.


Love the color combination (emerald color of the year w/ green & crisp white) Signage and sign systems - vinyl graphics and block colour for bold impact