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Tools of Ancient Roman medicine - Medical instruments from the Roman Empire show…

Tools of Ancient Roman medicine ~ Medical instruments from the Roman Empire show that Roman doctors had many surgical skills. However, the Romans' major contribution was in public health - good plumbing kept Romans healthy!

Medical instruments Herculaneum, ancient shoreline  These medical instruments were found in the remains of their original carrying case. They included six bronze scalpels, two hooks, a pair of forceps, a probe and a needle. With them was a small slate tablet, used, perhaps, to sharpen instruments or mix ointments. We can never know whether this case was carried by its owner in order to safeguard the tools of his trade, or in a valiant attempt to help any wounded.

The story of the day Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD with an eyewitness account alongside archaeological evidence to piece together the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Laudanum Victorian Alcholic tinctre with opium sweetened with sugar...taken with Absinthe..heard this mentioned in films wondered what it was ..cheaper than a bottle wine and not taxed..

Laudanum: alcoholic tincture of opium, sometimes sweetened with sugar (also called wine of opium). The century was marked by a widespread use: cheaper than a bottle of wine and not taxed as an alcoholic beverage. The addictive properties were not known.

Electroconvulsive therapy—a history of controversy, but also of help

Carrie Fisher's ashes are in an urn designed to look like a Prozac pill. It's fitting that in death she continues to be both brash and wryly funny about a treatment for depression.