Giannis Goulas

Giannis Goulas

Giannis Goulas
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ALamp LED Table Lamp. Christmas Sale. by GaganDesign on Etsy, $95.00

Canadian studio Gagan Design handcrafts these modern, minimal lamps from wood. Warm white LEDs provide a long-lasting, energy-efficient light source that w.

Wooden table lamp CEMENT WOOD  - @specimened

Cement Wood Desk Lamp coming to ‪ and soon to IntoConcrete through our alliance with Specimen Editions.

OLED wooden table lamp K BLADE by Riva 1920 | design Maurizio Riva, Davide Riva

The K Blade is a new OLED lamp from Italian designer Riva It is made from New Zealand's Kauri wood and has a single Philips Lumiblade OLED panel.

Lámpara de hormigón extruir lámpara de sobremesa por gooeybrand

Concrete Lamp Extrude Table Lamp by TungShapeLighting on Etsy