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an old stove is sitting in the middle of a room that has been built into some kind of structure
Vitoria Series - Greenstone Soapstone Masonry Heaters
a fire place sitting in the middle of a living room next to a stair case
three doors are opened and closed in the same direction as each door has an opening
Transom Windows - Everything You Need To Know!
a cat is sitting on the ledge of a window sill and looking at something
How Transom Windows Work
an open door in a room with white trim on the walls and ceiling above it
Victorian Italianate Homestead Restoration - New Prairie Construction
an empty room with a white door and window
Throw it Over the Transom and See What Happens - Old Town Home
an old brick fireplace with pots and pans on it
Cooking on Open Hearth stock photo. Image of cook, rough - 49513106
pots and pans are cooking over an open fire in a stone fireplace with logs
Medieval Recipes Grid - Beef Stew, Barley Bread, Oatcakes, Pottage
a living room filled with furniture and a wood stove in the middle of it's walls
Masonry Heaters
a large stone stove sitting in the middle of a living room
Custom Made Fireplaces USA - Traditional - Living Room - Charlotte - by Tulikivi Corporation | Houzz