Paleta de colores

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some type of writing on a blackboard with chinese characters and numbers in different colors
📓¨𝖢𝟬𝖫𝗢𝖱 𝖯𝟦𝖫𝗘𝖳𝖳𝖤𝗦 ☆_☆ %#
the color code for different font styles and colors on a black background, with an image of
Travel the world this holiday season through these color palettes
green and black color swatches with the same hue in each section, from top to bottom
X. It’s what’s happening
pink and brown color swatches with the names of different colors in each one section
X. It’s what’s happening
an image of the same color scheme as described in this article, which is not available for
the font and numbers are displayed in different colors for each type of text, which is also
Grey color palette