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an unusual house made out of rocks and wood with glass windows on the outside wall
Casa Sabugo - Picture gallery 1
What everybody should know about how to create a family photo wall #gallery.
an image of a house that looks like it is in the middle of nowhere
Vigário House, magnifique maison mêlant ancien et moderne par AND-RÉ - Journal du Design
Vigário House est un projet particulier et sensible, qui remonte à 2008 et qui n’a été achevé qu’au début de 2015. La construction s’est basée sur des ruin
multiple images of different buildings and trees at night
Minimalist Residential House Which Will Attract the Attention of Every Car Owner - Explore Trending
The Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann - Gorgeous how the loadbearing walls are used in this residential house, allowing the house to be completely open.
an architectural drawing and model of a circular building
✏️ last pic I promise - #model #plan #architecture #art #university #student #architecturestudent #gallery #abudhabi #abudhabiuniversity
four different views of the house and its surroundings are shown in three separate photos, one is
This Modern House In England Is Designed To Live Low On The Land
As this home is located on a sloping site, the house cantilevers out over a retaining wall faced in local Purbeck stone, and creates a sheltered parking area. Lighting has been added underneath the cantilevered section to make it easier to see at night.
three different views of the inside and outside of a house with grass on both sides
This Italian Villa Has Glass Walls That Disappear Into the Floor
Bergmeisterwolf have designed a modern extension for a house in Italy that features vertical sliding windows that can disappear into the ground.
three different views of the same building in different directions, each with different colors and shapes
5 Cool Pictures of a Mind-Bending Pyramid House
We've seen our fair share of unique modern home designs like the box-shaped metallic house or the abstract fortress made of concrete, but Mexican architect Juan Carlos Ramos has taken on a form less-visited for his aptly titled project Pyramid House—a conceptual pyramid-shaped home created and submitted as a proposal for a recent architecture competition. The simple geometric shape creates a clean aesthetic, while remaining extremely eye-catching due to its iconic though rarely applied for…
an architectural plan for a house in the middle of nowhere, with two floors and three levels
Sistemi per serramenti in acciaio Ottostumm | Mogs
Casa Rotonda 1966, architect Cini Boeri
an airplane is flying in the sky over water
Красотень! Бассейн исчез, растворился в окружающем мире, хочу туда
an old photo of a house made out of wood and stone with cactus in the foreground
Frank Lloyd Wright open plan
Rose Pauson house, before decimation by fire, 1939.