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I got: A+ Perfect Color Memory! ! Can You Pass The Color Memory Test?

"Surrealism is destructive but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision." Salvador dali with Babou the ocelot by 1965 by mrprints

Connection technique; joining any combination of materials together. Flux play

Although I can silver solder, there are times when other methods of joining are required, or I just fancy a change, or a design warrants the.

DIY: christmas trees made from wine corks #tutorial #crafts #recycled

Wine Cork Christmas Trees - Use New Year's Eve champagne cork as base and build tree through-out year using corks saved from special occasion wine bottles. Label the year and hang on the tree.

DIY basket

DIY Kraft paper woven basket (So, I was talking about baskets for storage on the bar. this would be perfect since we have access to huge rolls of paper. Anyone up for a basket-making night?

Vintage graters provide wonderful light

These lights are a creative DIY idea for unique lighting in the kitchen! If you don't have cheese graters, maybe pick a different appliance? Lighting/ Unique/ Creative lighting/ Design/ Home decor