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Durch Chemotherapie hervorgerufene Neuropathie wie Schmerzen oder Kribbeln in Fingern und Zehen , gilt gemeinhin als sehr unangenehm. Die Behandlung...

Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) is considered an autoimmune disorder destroying myelin, the protective covering of the nerves

Peripheral Neuropathy: Common among people diagnosed with autoimmune disease. #neuropathy #healthcare

HealthLight Peripheral Neuropathy Infographic Poster While I don't have diabetes, I like the different symptoms described here. Neuropathy is this and so much more.


Most fingernail irregularities are simply cosmetic, but there are some nail irregularities that are associated with serious medical conditions.

best depiction of neurological/autoimmune diseas pain I've ever seen!

Walk a mile in my shoes.legs wrapped in barbed wire. My whole body often feels like this. My Life with Psa