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Giannis Iwannidis

Giannis Iwannidis
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The Kiridashi knife is a traditional wood carving knife, widely used in Japan. But it also is a marking knife, used by almost all the Japanese carpenters, as well as a versatile tool for general use.

Some time ago, I spent some relaxing days at my country house. I thought to make something with the few tools available there. What I had at hand were some tool.

The No - weld Double Barrel Smoker

The No-Weld Double Barrel DIY Smoker - full temperature control and detailed instructions

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How to build a pizza oven

How i have build my wood fired pizza stone oven. Inspired by other structures it became a mix of own ideas, I will say that the 5 star restaurant has moved h.

Coil Heat Exchanger For wood fired tub with flange

Stainless Steel Coil Heat Exchanger for dutch tub,Wood fired hot tub heater coils manufacturer-supplier China