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paintdeath: “ art pop comics by unknown artist ”

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Mad Alice In Wonderland

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magic-spelldust:  Gladii (by Geoffrey D. Joe)

"Wonderful Life", Geoffrey Devautour:Photographer, Gladii: Model, for Dark Beauty Magazine

Zeen chin -- process for painting this is at the original page on ArtStartion

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Decisions are always a littler lighter

||FC:Ash Stymest||“Hey.” I smirk. “The name’s Ace, and I’m 21. I have a 6 year old daughter named Mirren, and she manages to smear a smile on my permanent scowl.” I laugh softly. “I’m quite cocky, and a bit of an ass. I’m an artist, and I create things with my words. The world is my canvas, and I plan on painting a beautiful masterpiece. I enjoy listening to music and reading. I also travel a lot with Mirren on a search for inspiration. I’m single. Say hi if you’d like, I don’t bite…

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