I hope they say "she laughed and made others laugh. Loved Jesus and made others love Jesus. And she was crazy."

So much truth! Life is about the connections you make with family, friends and strangers and leaving people feeling happy to have known you.

The past has nothing new to say.

We can& always choose who we love.but we can choose who gets our time and attention. And if you& in the past, it& probably because you& clearly demonstrated that you don& deserve my time or attention.

#Ode to #Intuition

Don't let people fool you into thinking your intuition was wrong "this time" it's never wrong. I should of listened to my intuition

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"Always late, but worth the wait!"

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Always remember, it’s better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.

Don't trust anyone

me and my friend would say this all the time, and i know that this quote is true cause I've ignored it before, and now I believe it.

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