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This shrinky dink handprint keychain is the perfect homemade father's day gift for Dad, and your kids will love making it too!
Hand and Footprint Gift Idea via Pitter Platter on Etsy
Baby's Footprints ~ great gift idea for those that love those little feet!
You can never have enough cool gadgets and accessories. So, we've decided to round up 18 more awesome examples for your viewing enjoyment.
The Lemon/Lime spritzer is completely awesome, some are really great inventions.. some a little interesting, but very Creative!
25 Just Really Cool Inventions
Kids’ Hot Air Balloon Photobooth DIY
Mail - Natalie Philoctete - Outlook
Message in a Bottle Party Favors. So cute for a beach themed party or wedding! Would be great for a mermaid or pirate party too!
Love the kiddies pool for storing drinks