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a painting of houses by the water with two trees in front of them and one house on the other side
(c) City of Edinburgh Council; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
Painting by Alick Riddell Sturrock, 1934 | MATTHEW'S ISLAND
a painting of a man sitting on the edge of a lake
ART 23426
Painitng by Paul Serusier | MATTHEW'S ISLAND
a painting of a peacock's feather on a blue background with the words, i am not sure what this image is
Painting is a hobby of many people. Many think that painting requires some special skills, but it’s not like that. Only you need to be interested to do painting. If you are beginner, and want to paint some beautiful flowers to show your talent then you are at the right place. Here we are giving you some easy flower painting ideas for beginners.
a man standing in front of a wall with donuts on it's face
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a painting of a woman holding an umbrella over her head while looking at the beach
Franz Skarbina,Dame in einem Seebad,1883
Franz Skarbina, “Dame in einim Seebad”, 1883 | MATTHEW'S ISLAND
an image of a painting with trees in the foreground and water in the background
Blythburg, the Estuary – Roger Fry , 1892
“Blythburg, The Estuary” by Robert Fry, 1892 | MATTHEW'S ISLAND
a painting of people walking down the street with an umbrella over their heads and one woman in a blue dress
James Tissot 457
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two boats are docked in the water near each other, one is green and the other is white
Port of Trieste, 1907. – Egon Schiele
“Port of Trieste” by Egon Schiele, 1907 | MATTHEW'S ISLAND
two men on a boat in the water
Painting by Spanish painter Joaquín Sorolla | MATTHEW'S ISLAND
a drawing of a man sitting on the ground with his head in his hands and eyes closed
Sylvie Guillot
Artodyssey: Sylvie Guillot
a painting of two women with hats on their heads, one wearing a red dress and the other a green hat
Expressionismus in Deutschland: Bild
Willkommen Expressionisten!
a painting of a man being held up by another man with blood on his face
Otto Dix - VOULOIR
Otto Dix -Marin et Fille, 1926