VideoScribe tutorial 1 -- Creating your first scribe

Learn how to navigate the key features of VideoScribe and create your first scribe. Getting started -- introduction to VideoScribe Adding eleme.

VideoScribe Tutorial

VideoScribe opens up a whole world of opportunities for creating engaging, quality animated videos quickly and easily.

VideoScribe tutorial 3 -- Enhancing your scribe

Learn how to use the drawing effects, filters and move-in options in VideoScribe. Using effects -- drawing effects and filters Moving elements .

VideoScribe tutorial 2 -- Tuning your scribe

Learn how to move around the canvas, import your own images and adjust timings in VideoScribe. Moving around the canvas -- camera position and zoom

VideoScribe tutorial 4 -- Bringing your scribe to life

Learn how to use the morph effects and choose from the hand and pen options in VideoScribe. Using morph effects -- moving and transforming images