Γεωργία Αζά

Γεωργία Αζά

Γεωργία Αζά
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The World's Best Vodka  #GreyGoose #France #Vodka

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Vodka -

Grey Goose - Vodka

Grey Goose - Vodka

#GreyGoose #vodka

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GREY GOOSE® Vodka #GreyGooseVodka #GreyGoose #Vodka

Grey Goose is a premium brand vodka produced in France. It was originally founded by Sidney Frank before its 2004 sale to Bacardi.

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GREY GOOSE, sabor e sofisticação nos encontros mais intensos da sua vida. #insidegreygoose #vodka

GREY GOOSE vodka and flavored vodkas are made using superior ingredients, a unique production process and traditions of the Cognac region of France.

Grey Goose Cherry

GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir is a masterful blend of GREY GOOSE Vodka and the finest cherries including rare black cherries handpicked in French Basque Country.

Greygoose Vodka 750 ml: $27.99

GREY GOOSE®, the number one super-premium vodka in the world, has selected Mullen to handle its global creative account. We welcome Mullen into the GREY GOOSE

$6  On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me....six geese a laying.    And what do you know? Those Grey Goose lay some vodka!

Grey Goose - Better than Karkov I guess.

White Out Cosmo  1 part white cranberry juice  1 part Grey Goose vodka  Juice of ½ of a small lime (use fresh; I thinks it makes a difference)  Shake really really well and pour into a chilled martini glass (rimmed with sugar if you like, which I do! J)  Garnish with three or four fresh cranberries if you’d like.  It adds visual appeal, but does not affect the flavor.     If you prefer a little bit sweeter drink, use 1 ½ parts of the cranberry juice.

White Cosmos: 1 part white cranberry juice. 1 part Grey Goose vodka. Juice of ½ of a small lime.