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a woman sitting in the grass holding a camera up to her face and taking a selfie
a woman with glasses holding up a book in front of her face while sitting at a table
20 Books Every African-American Should Read
a woman wearing headphones reading a book
a woman with headphones holding up a book
a black and white photo of a woman in a dress at a party with other people
Toni Morrison Dancing: Photos of the Author at Work and Play (Published 2019)
a woman laying on top of a bed next to books
Maya Angelou - Poet, Author, Civil Rights Activist (1928–2014)
a woman with headphones on laying next to a cat and looking at her laptop
Films, Brown Skin Girls, Natural Hair Styles, Child
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an album cover with a woman's face and blue eyes
Diana Ross - Surrender (Expanded Edition)
a woman holding a camera up to her face
Peace Of Mind.
a group of women are smiling and posing for the camera