Painted floor

Cloud House / McBride Charles Ryan

I want floors this vibrant. Maybe not the carpet, like this, but a painted floor perhaps. Just love the bright colors. (Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan Photo) – Home Decor

Painted floor.

Talk about a DIY project! Wow and DOUBLE WOW! Custom Hand Painted floor in beautiful teals and blues. An awesome update to old worn floors to make it fresh and exciting either free-hand or via stencils.

a painted floor

oh how pretty a rose painted ont he wood floor. remember the days my grandmother painted her wood and rug floors.

How to stencil a floor --love for the bathroom floor. #tutorial #diy #how_to #painting #floor #flooring #stencil #stenciling #stenciled_floor #pattern #decor #interior_design #home

How to stencil a floor tutorial diy howto painting floor flooring stencil stenciling stenciled floor pattern decor interior design home

sketchup Hotel Design (concept,schematics)

sketchup Hotel Design (concept,schematics)