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mylife-mylove-mybody: yogh-urt: getfittogethot: Is it just me or are these creepy af Wow this is so interesting (via TumbleOn)

Exercise Chart

This workout chart is great for helping teens keep track of their daily sports and exercise activities.

Arm exercise - chart doing this along with my 30 day abs and squat challenge for August

30 day arm challenge, 30 days is worth it all! You still have to eat healthy, exercise (cardio), get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water!

Workout Sheets For The Gym

The NFL Cheerleader Workout. They prob have 1 of thee best most rigorous workout regimens to stay insanely fit as theyre required to do tailored to the goals of womens ambitions in getting fit vs. a Mans idea (I. strictly weight lifting, reps, etc) !